We are at our fourth Mars day in April. Remember our goal from week one? Time for the fourth step and, for me, it is writing the last few quotes that I want to transfer into my Inspiration notebook. Not that I won’t continue to add over time – it’s just the almost final step for it being ready. How are you getting along with your steps to a goal?

Mars is the Red planet and, when he fires up, creates and does and ignites. Astrologically he is in Gemini and opposite the Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius. There are a few aspects within the chart for today that lead me to ask … When did you last do something just for you?

And that is the suggestion for our other use of Martian energy today. Do one thing for you. Do one thing to reward your body for being the amazing shell for you. Do something to make you feel good, laugh, play, rediscover a creativity. Do something that is fun.


As always, with love, from Alison

PS – Do book that discovery call or consultation!


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