The Moon on a Monday is caring and forgiving. Monday and Moonday Forgive yourself. She is pulsing with inspiration and imagination for us. However her light is diminishing as this is a waning Moon. And so we enter a time where nourishment and nurturing are the aspects of the Moon most useful to us.

Astrologically the Sun is joining Uranus in Taurus and so, over the next few days, we could very well see sudden news emerge of new concepts or perhaps great changes of opinion.

The next few days may be unsettling and uncomfortable as ripples of energy seek to alter pathways for all. And so, as the universe sends us energies that we are able to use for grace and ease, call in the planetary energy for each day with the intention of having the best of days! Today is the Moon’s day and so we reflect on what makes our hearts sing with joy and love.

Book yourself some self care. Monday and Moonday Forgive yourself and others. Love Moonday!

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As always, with love, from Alison

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