Saturn Day & a day for you to enjoy as it unfolds with a sense of grace and beauty. The planet brings a sense of time and responsibility amongst other things! However, if we really consider that, Saturn is also asking us to be measured in all that we do. Especially as Saturn is currently in Capricorn. You will be able to do something well and thoughtfully. Saturn is the keeper of time. And yet we really only measure time by the turning cycle of the Sun.

Saturn Day & a day for you to enjoy

Saturn Day & a day for you to enjoy and to be measured in something that you do. Will you take precious moments of care over a task or planning an adventure?

For you!

Astrologically the Sun moves into Taurus later and Venus into Aries just after. At the moment a planet (or star) changes signs there is a subtle shift of energy. Something will happen to give us a flavour of the message contained. Be open and, this evening (GMT), be aware of subtle insights for what these new signs for the Sun and Venus may mean for you!

As always, with Love from Alison

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