Friday already and Venus day. Venus is that beautiful planet of plentiful harvest, of love, of being fair and of enjoying the cycle of the seasons. There are many ways of using Venusian energy today and I would suggest that you give yourself permission to enjoy something that brings you … well … joy! A cup of hot chocolate or a walk in the park. Maybe you will bring a luscious colour into a room with a new cushion or incense. Or you give time to yourself to just sit in silence. Because, when you immerse yourself in Venus energy, your mind and body and spirit becomes aware. Aware of nice feelings and of being taken care of. Isn’t that a great thing to do for your self?

Astrologically Venus is nearing the end of Pisces and also the Sun is nearing the end of Aries. So both are getting ready to change signs in preparation for change. Venus and the Sun. An advance for you … planning some changes for how you present yourself to the world? New hairstyle? New wallet?

Friday already and Venus day! Enjoy Friday and Venus with love, And say ‘Ho’ to the Full Moon in all her brightest and fullness of light!

From Alison x

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