Let’s talk Jupiter and Thursday first of all. Jupiter is the planet of epic proportions, of knowledge, of authority and expansion. When Jupiter is involved there is a sense that something will occur and that it will be successful. Jupiter colours are Royal Blue or purple for confidence, amber/orange for abundance, deep yellow for expansion. Call in Jupiter energy today to be secure in your projects or tasks. Enjoy the confidence that Jupiter offers if you need to speak up today.

Even though Jupiter is retrograde his energy is still there, Maybe muted while some reconsideration of where we are going takes place. Maybe at odds with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius which will want to get moving never-the-less. Remember that everything in our universe is helpful if we wish it to be! Astrologically Jupiter is squaring up to the Venus & Mercury – both are in Pisces. Jupiter is aspecting the Moon which is also just about opposite to Mercury. Connections all made – just what a Jupiter, Venus, Mercury aspect would enjoy. And as for that retrograde Jupiter?

Enjoy the time to dream. And let your dreams go to where they wish to rest. By dreaming and imagining we are sending our visions out into the Universe – good and beautiful vibrations.

As always, with Love from Alison

PS – I have a few discovery calls available.


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