Wednesday and Mercury. Today is our wonderful Quick witted Mercury day. The day for communication at its best. The day for reaching outwards to contact others and promote your message, get to know someone better, help others to get to know you better! And maybe we don’t do that enough? You know the whole talking to each other thing. Loneliness is becoming more evident and, in this seemingly connected world, how ca that be? So make today the day you reach out to someone and just say hello!

Wednesday and Mercury

Astrologically Mercury is in Pisces and at the very end of that sign. He is also conjunct (next to) Venus and opposite the Moon today. Listen to the gentle nudges from the Universe as there will be insights and realisations … just allow them to unfold.

Mercury sends and receives messages. Mercury is also great energy for business and for commerce for trade and shopping. Another aspect of our Mercury is that he likes to take things apart and rebuild them – to understand how they work. And that is an integral part of looking at where Mercury is in the sky right now and in relation to where he was at the moment of your birth. Clues as to how you interact with others in daily life, in business and with your inner world! Wednesday and Mercury – wonderful energy!

As always, with love, from Alison

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