Tuesday Mars day and our day of action and of doing. Remember our goal from week one? Today is step 3 if you are following along!

My goal for the 5 April Tuesdays is to create an inspiration notebook. A small book I can refer to that has quotes and thoughts all in the one place! So week one I found the notebook. Week two I gathered together useful books, websites, thoughts and rambling doodles from my book shelf, office drawer, bookmarked websites, my brain (!) … Week three and I am starting to write them up. What ever and how many I can write in the book today will be more than yesterday. And that is the purpose of this ‘tuning into Mars’ exercise!

Tuesday Mars day and Mars rules Tuesday and so has great energy available for us all to do, to act, to begin …

Astrologically Mars is in Gemini and square to the Moon in Virgo today. The Moon is waxing and growing in light and strength as there are a few more days before Fullness. A great day to dig deep and plant. A great day for conversations although be wary of letting arguments ensue! A great day for a repetitive action, such as running or painting a wall, and listening to the inner voice.

Enjoy Tuesday and Mars day!

As always, with love, from Alison

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