MoonDay Monday and the start of a week. Is Monday the first day of the week or the second? Whichever it is – a Monday does have a very different energy to it’s predecessor which is hardly surprising given that Sunday is ruled by the Sun and Monday by the Moon. These two stars play quite a role in our rhythm for time and the seasons. And so it is obvious that a Monday morning will have a much gentler feel.

As I look to the chart for sunrise today I am struck that the Sun is in Aries and the Moon is in trine and in Leo. Plus they are both trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius and this makes a beautiful grand trine in the sky. A very auspicious start to our day. A day to manifest results from our innermost thoughts.

A wonderful, inspiring, imaginative and creative energy.

Will you inspire or be inspired today? Will you imagine or help others imagine (maybe imagineer!). Will you draw on the wonderful depth of your senses … send loving vibrations out.

Enjoy Monday – this is a special one and maybe there will be magic and miracles!

As always, with love, from Alison

PS – would you like to uncover your own map of the stars?




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