Monday The Moon Inspiration “MoonDay Monday” and the start of a week. Do you see Monday as the first day of the week or the second? Because, whichever it is, a Monday does have a very different energy to it’s predecessor.  Probably hardly surprising given that Sunday is ruled by the Sun and Monday by the Moon! These two stars play quite a role in our rhythm for time and the seasons. And so it is obvious that a Monday morning will have a much gentler feel.


Monday The Moon Inspiration and, as I look to the chart for sunrise today, I am struck that the Sun is in Aries and the Moon is in trine and in Leo. Plus they are both trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius and this makes a beautiful grand trine in the sky. And when we bring that starry energy down to earth it gives a very auspicious start to our day. It’s a day to manifest results from our innermost thoughts – imagine we can bring a reality to our dreams and ponderings.

A wonderful, inspiring, imaginative and creative energy. And here on planet Earth for us!

Will you inspire or be inspired today? Imagine or help others imagine (maybe imagineer!). Will you draw on the wonderful depth of your senses and send loving vibrations out.

Enjoy Monday – this is a special one and maybe there will be magic and miracles!

As always, with love, from Alison

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