It’s SunDay and a wonderful day to say Welcome to Sunday. The Sun gives us warmth and light and is the centrepiece of our universe. It’s our star burning brightly in the sky. From the earliest of times we have greeted the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening – a constant in these lives of ours that, sometimes, are not. We measure our day and night by it and our seasons. And always have!

Although the Sun is our constant and always there for us, we chose to greet the energy with intention on this day. Sunday so named for the Sun. And Sundays do have that gentler and more laid back type of energy.

And so, where ever you are in the world and in whichever hemisphere, greet the Sun. Astrologically the Sun is in Aries at the moment and giving energy for starting, moving, doing and creating. Where ever you are in the world will you celebrate SunDay? Smile, see joy and please know that you are loved. And think about those connections with our ancestors and how they greeted the Sun!

As always, with Love, from Alison

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