Saturday Saturn Clocks Time. Earlier this week I wrote about the 2019 Jupiter retrograde and that, although the energy will be more reflective and perhaps cause ripples through time that we need to be aware of, nothing in this Universe of ours actually travels backwards.

Today is the day we welcome a focus on that great timekeeper in the sky – Saturn. In these days of living life to the minute, timekeeping becomes a priority for most. Appointments are made and planned for. Events highlighted on a calendar for prior shopping or packing. Goals set and targets made.

In astrology I look to the planets for where they were, where they are and where they will be! When I set up a chart for a person or event the first step is to take the date, time and place for that chart. And this applies to whether it is a birth chart or event chart. The map of the stars for that moment in time. However that is only a part of the picture. My work then requires looking at how the movements of the planets and stars (the patterns that they make in the sky) affect that chart both now and in the future. And, of course, we look back at patterns of stars in order to see future possibilities.

Saturday Saturn Clocks Time. Saturn energy infuses our timekeeping and brings an edge to planning. For this Saturday look back over your week. How will you plan for next week to be easier? Are there appointments from this last week that could have been scheduled better? More convenient for you. Look at your calendar for next week and see where you can adjust for your terms.

As always, with Love, From Alison

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