Friday is Venus day and yet it is also a big week here in the UK (no … not that!) as it was the end of one tax year and the beginning of a new one. I must admit that the event doesn’t have the same vibe as the 31st December and 1st of January. Nor does it feel like the day before Spring Equinox with all the promise of warmer days returning. However it is an ending and beginning and a part of a cycle.

Venus is also about the cycle of life and fertility of crops through to harvest. And Venus has a money aspect. Money in the form of how we feel about it and how it grows and how it reflects our values.

Friday is Venus day and so, on this Friday, take a moment to count your blessings and count your money. You are already abundant and wealthy beyond comprehension.

Venus colours are pink and also green. Enjoy the beautiful Venusian energy of this day.

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As always, with Love, from Alison

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