Thursday & Jupiter day and Jupiter is now retrograde and will be so until August. That big, bold friend in the sky is currently (from our perspective here on planet earth) travelling backwards. However … nothing in our Universe ever travels backwards. And Thursday is Jupiter day when we are able to call in the energy of big, bold, expanding and shouting from the rooftops.

Shall I try to make sense of this for us all?

I love it when we see planets going retrograde and forming different patterns in the sky with the other planets. Even perhaps causing ripples through time to be aware of. A retrograde planet gives us time to reflect or regroup in some way. And a Jupiter retrograde (especially given he is in Sagittarius for this particular event) offers us all the time to look at the bigger picture. What is your overall scheme for the year ahead? I will set you a task of visioning travel, work, forming new groups – all with an intention of going full steam ahead ready for September.  There will be much more about this particular retrograde planet over the next weeks however please, please, please remember that the planetary energies are useful. The universe wants the best for us.

And yet it is Thursday & Jupiter day and a great day for channelling Jupiter energy to help us with the way that we show up into the world.

Look at one piece of writing just before you send it out. Could you make the type bigger? Would you dare to draw or paint a big artwork?

What creatively is expandable? Jupiter energy is expansive and there to help.

As always, with love From Alison

PS – do double check travel plans … just suggesting!

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