Wednesday Mercury Messaging and I love that we focus on that quick silver, fast planet of Mercury on a Wednesday. If mobile phones had been around in ancient times I visualise him busily texting, tweeting and being involved in as many conversations as possible!

Mercury is now direct and went direct a couple of weeks ago. Now to my tale of the missing comma!

The day after Mercury was direct I went to an exhibition at the NEC (Birmingham) and from where I hurriedly popped a post into my Facebook page. This is exactly the message I posted:

“Mercury now direct and visiting the NEC National Homebuilding exhibition. Very inspiring for lots of ideas!”

Of course the eagle eyed amongst us (!) all questioned exactly where Mercury was in the NEC. And I, once I realised, spent many gorgeous imaginative moments with that vision in my mind! Where was our Wednesday Mercury Messaging from!

Did I miss a comma? Should I have ended the sentence after direct with a full stop? Should I have not posted at all for fear of getting it wrong?!

I sent a message out and began a conversation. And isn’t that a part of our being human? Interacting?

What stops you sending your message out there? By all means refine, tweak, adjust and spell check. And yet …

Be more Mercury!

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As always, with love, from Alison

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