Tuesday is the day and what a great day for moving things forward and getting our ideas and projects underway. Mars is that red fire planet in the sky. Unmissable and his energy is unforgettable. Tuesday is the day for calling in Mars energy to give us confidence and to pioneer new roads or paths.

Remember last Tuesday when I set a challenge for this month of April with 5 Tuesdays? Here’s a snippet:  “Write down a goal for this month of April. Maybe it is to redecorate the office or kitchen. Or to write a short story or novelette. Or to make art from driftwood. One goal. April. Now break it down into 5 pieces.”

Tuesday is the day and so time for the second part of the goal and so what is the next step towards achieving it? Have you decided on the colour scheme and you now buy paint? Have you started writing the outline of your novel, short story or pitch? Bring your imagination to the page, wall or garden and that is an action. Mars loves to act and every action has a reaction … so much better than non-action!

Whatever you wish to plan to do this month – take another small step towards it!

And, remember, Mars energy is there to help. Enjoy!

As always, with love, from Alison

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