It’s a beautiful Monday

Monday Moonday a beautiful day to think about, amongst other lovely things, our traditions. Did you realise that the French word for Monday is Lundi which gives a hint (as if we needed it) that Monday is Moon related. And then instantly we know that this is a day to be caring and gentle. Yet, for most, it is the beginning of the working week which seems rather at odds! However I always think of Monday being a washing day and water is the element associated with the Moon. And think of the joy of clean sheets and clean clothes.

So does this help us today to think about how to welcome the Luna energy, find a peaceful beginning to the week. To set the scene for our working week, add a little caring into everything we do …? Absolutely it does.

Because the Universe wants the best for us and sends us energies to help, assist, inspire and evolve. I recently found a brilliant new word and have been merrily using it. “Imagineering” seems to be used for imagining ideas or concepts particularly within technology.  I love the word. As a writer I enjoy the thought that we are able to imagineer words on a page.

For you

Think about Monday Moonday a beautiful day to use that amazing inspiration to imagineer a new idea or concept.  Monday. Will you welcome the day with grace and poise.  Monday. Please Say hello to someone new – perhaps a new business contact or even that neighbour you pass in the street every day. Monday. Find something to bring you joy and sparkle.

Monday Moonday a beautiful day for me to say – As always, with love, From Alison x

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