The day of the Sun – SunDay is named for the day of the Sun. The Sun is the centre of our Universe and gives us light and warmth. It is the heartbeat of our life here on Earth and it is our own heartbeat.

The Sun is also a star and not a planet. And what a star it is! A gorgeous shining star and, just consider, we all have our own shine-ability!

What makes you shine from the inside out? I love the thought of our smiles beaming out into the Universe creating waves of vibrations of happiness. Do you enjoy playing, dancing, writing, eating outdoors, photography, singing, being with people, being alone …

What makes your heart sing and that light of sheer pleasure beam out to shine with the stars?

And then … how will you bring that pleasure into your week ahead? The day of the Sun and so how will you shine in your business and/or beam out a friendly smile. Would you allow yourself to take pleasure in having five minutes to stand in the park or to watch the Moon.

Shine like the Star you are! And then watch the whole world light up.

As always, with love, from Alison x

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