Saturday is the day of Saturn who is the planet of the great time keeper. Saturn energy does much, much more than that however for now we will use the ‘time’ part for our day today. The mechanisms of clocks can be so beautiful as they perform the miracle of keeping time. Saturn’s colours of grey and black hold within the potential of colour once light is added. Saturn as the planet has rings around it to frame it wondrously.

How will you manage your time today? A great 15 minutes of brainstorming that letter or new novel? Will you set aside a half hour to go outside and marvel at the perfect beauty that nature performs by creating a leaf? Or perhaps you will set aside an hour for meditation or a relaxed walk. And then again why not take the afternoon enjoying a picnic with nearest and dearest.

Saturday is a planet who loves a plan and will give rewards.

So I ask you – how will you manage your time today?

As always, with love, from Alison.

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