Friday Venus day on which we celebrate the planet Venus. Today is also the day of New Moon in Aries and so it is even more apt to spend time considering how our values permeate what we create, count on, connect & plan for the future.

Venus colours are green (for nature and growth) and pink (for love of self and of others). And Venus as the Goddess is of beauty, values, nature, compassion, harmony and fertility.

Does it seem as though there are a lot of words above?! Well how about we break it down and look at how Venus energy is helpful to us all without even looking to see where astrologically she is right now at the moment! Remember Friday Venus day On target to help with:

If you have a business – celebrate a customer.

Cleaning or tidying – celebrate the beauty created.

Meeting a friend – celebrate affection.

Every action has a reaction. By acts of Venusian kindness and celebrations imagine the ripples spreading out into our universe.

As always, with Love, from Alison

PS Venus is in Pisces in case you were wondering! And a New Moon is an excellent time for a new venture or idea.

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