On a Wednesday we have the amazing Mercurial energy of that messenger in the sky. Mercury governs communication of all kinds from the initial thought through to the written or spoken word. Mercury loves to spread the word and will use ten words sometimes when one would do – especially if it helps get the idea across.

Mercury in mythology rules trade, commerce and money as well as that communication aspect. All traits so very useful to our business, career, job and bank accounts. He is depicted as having wings on his feet to enable those messages to fly far and wide.

How will you communicate, interact, reach out today? Bring Mercury in to your letter writing, copy writing, conversation with the the newspaper seller, go live on social media and you could well be surprised by the messages received back.

Enjoy Wednesday and Mercury day.

As always, with love, from Alison

PS Reach out for a conversation with me about astrology! Discovery calls available.



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