Mars and Tuesday

Tuesday is the day and on a Tuesday we have the amazing opportunity to channel Mars energy into our actions. That red planet of fire! And, as we are in Aries Sun energy too, and Aries is ruled by Mars, this really is potential not to be missed! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and so begins the whole zodiacal cycle.

Mars starts, begins, says ‘yes’, ignites, creates, acts, gives a passion to and is that fiery red planet in our Universe. So I have an invitation to you which will bring benefits to your work and to your vision. Take a moment to think about your work or home vision.

For you!

Write down a goal or a task for this month of April. Maybe it is to redecorate the office or kitchen. Or to write a short story or novelette. Making art from driftwood or sorting out a cupboard. You want to go to the theatre. One goal. April. In one month.

Tuesday is the day

Now break it down into 5 pieces. Small steps. Why 5? We have 5 Tuesdays in April this year!

And so now, Tuesday is the day. Do the first step on your list. Buy that notebook … choose the colour scheme … diary the day to go to the coast … Whatever you wish to plan to do this month – take one small step towards accomplishing it!

As always with Love from Alison

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