On a Monday we look to the Moon for our daily energy prompt. The Moon, our Moon, gives us light in the dark and offers an energetic pull to give us tides in the sea. More and more we see the importance of our own self care. Of allowing time for our body, mind and spirit to be heard and nurtured. Gifting our self time and maybe silence.

So how about your business, career or tasks that need accomplishing? Do you see them as an energetic part of you? If so it is entirely logical to offer nurturing self care to those as well. Look at your task processes and wonder, just for a few moments, how much smoother and clearer they would go with loving care. Would silence bring new notions and ideas or expansion in?

And then we look at our home and those we love. I repotted my houseplants this weekend and they just looked so much happier having more space, good compost, watering in to their new homes and the Sun.

Make a decision to use the Moon’s maternal nurturing energy today for some caring act.

As always, with Love from Alison x

It is New Moon on Friday – remember to book your April discovery call or consultation for those new ideas!


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