SunDay SunDay and the day of the Sun. Occasionally we may wonder where the sun is – particularly if we live in certain parts of the world. However the Sun is always there in our Universe, giving us heat and fire and warmth and light. And you know what? It’s because our Sun is amazing and the reason that we are able to live as we do. Because of that Sun of ours we breathe, keep warm, see and have our basic needs met. The Sun is a star and not a planet. And it’s a star burning brightly with fire and with energy. It is our Sunny star!

What part of your business, career, project, home would you like to reward with a ‘Star’ award?

My star this weekend goes to one of our cats, Honey. Honey is nervous and really does not like the outdoors at all. She has her own litter tray (the other cats go out happily). Honey not only went outdoors yesterday but actually walked down the length of the garden. She gets my Star award!

Enjoy SunDay SunDay!

As always, With Love, From Alison

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