Saturday Saturn offers and the Planet Saturn has many, many great qualities. In my work with astrological charts I see people who are having particular Saturn transits (that is where Saturn in the sky is making an aspect to a planet or even to Saturn itself in their birth chart).  These aspects denote times of deep work and often challenges however there is always gold to be found by working through this. I describe it as Saturn holding a pot of gold for us.

On a Saturday we are able to call that energy in and find our gold. Whether it is by choosing a task and seeing it through to completion or by setting aside time to meditate or relax. The title of this piece is called ‘If you had the time … you would?’ and just think about that for a moment.

We have 24 hours in a day and, of course, a myriad of things to do. Switch on PC and key that email. Wash the car and polish it. Cook meals to freeze for the rest of the week. Walk the cat …

Are you able to give yourself permission for one hour today to see what Saturday Saturn offers? Or a half hour. Switch off from the ‘must do’ and switch on to the ‘if I had time’.

What will you do with those precious moments that you have? Let us know. Use Saturn Saturday gift of timekeeping to find your pot of gold.

As always, With Love, From Alison

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