Friday is Venus Day and, as today is Friday and we have amazing energy for growing and fertile abundance, we should also keep in mind that waning Moon as well. The light from the Moon is growing dimmer and her energy withdraws. So what are we to do? Venus energy is that of abundance and growth. Of wealth and celebrating joyousness. And yet the Moon energy is drawing in, considering, pondering. Perfect. Perfect?

Friday is Venus Day

Of course Perfect! The Universe sends us exactly the right conditions at any moment in time for our evolution. It’s a brilliant time for business or creative endeavours. To be putting in place ideas or projects to evolve over the coming weeks. To celebrate a creative venture that came to fruition and will now be nurtured for continued growth.

Friday is Venus Day and so allow yourself the gift of celebration and joy. Look outside to see how nature is celebrating whether by the sun on a blade of grass or a raindrop on a leaf. And remember to look at the Moon.

As always, With Love, From Alison

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