Call it from the roof tops! It’s Jupiter day!

Jupiter energy thrills at going big and being heard. Call it from the roof tops as it’s Jupiter day! It is the planet of royalty and of purple. Majestic and loving growth. Jupiter on a Thursday is a planet to be calling in to make that message from yesterday bigger, bolder and louder.

So where in your life or your business would you like to be heard more? Or are you planning a creative venture that requires that extra vibrancy to enhance it? What is truly wonderful is that we not only are able to call in Jupiter energy but Equinox energy too.

For you!

Choose one thing today that you promise to be loud about. Drum whether you own a drum or not. Sing along with the radio. Send your core message out to a new contact. Remember that Jupiter energy thrills at going big and being heard!

Set aside a half hour today and sit down with a large piece of paper. Now clear your mind and then just brainstorm everything that you would like to expand or shout about. Get it all down on paper. draw it, doodle it, write it, shorthand it. And then, when you think it’s done, carry on for another five minutes. Jupiter energy helps us expand and explore.

Be Big. Be Bold. The Universe will always want the best for you. Enjoy Thursday, call it from the roof tops! It’s Jupiter day! and let me know what you do!

As Always, with Love, From Alison

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