Wednesday is the day for Mercury who has wings on his feet to send him zooming around the universe delivering and receiving messages. It is a day to chat and converse with each other. If you are in business then what are you waiting for! Use that Mercurial energy to take your message out there. If you are at home chat to the cat or the dog. Write that novel or at least put pen to paper and explore an idea.

In Mythology Mercury is also known as Woden and is known for magical skills. Mercury also helps with poetry and all manner of communication.

And business and finance … money.

Currently Mercury is in Pisces and is retrograde. This gives us all time to pause and think. A retrograde is like the Universe giving us opportunity to revisit something, to iron out anything that requires attention. It is a great learning time. I attended a wonderful Crystal Healing Workshop and the insights flowed. And that is another great aspect of Mercury at any time – insights and messages from our deeper inner voices.

Enjoy Mercury Day and enjoy communicating!

As always, with Love, from Alison x

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