Mars and action

Tuesday – The Day of Mars! Welcome to a Mars day and action day. Remember that idea you had … or that appointment to make … or that thing you keep transferring over from day to day – NOW!

The energy of Mars is amazing to call in when you just need to do something or be something. Mars is the great ignitor for starting an engine and getting that driving force moving. And Mars energy will help push through boundaries to enable that movement. never doubt the sheer pushy energy of that red planet up in the sky. Because it is a small planetary body it is easy to misjudge the power it sends down to us here on planet Earth. however it is an essential part of the planetary patterns that send us the ability to do, act, be, show, feel etc.

Mars and action

Mars is known as the ignition of the universe due to ruling Aries that first sign of our zodiac. The image above is very ‘Mars’ as the energy needs a focus and to know where to go and what to do. Those aspects we get form other parts of the chart or map of the stars. However, when invoked, there is no other energy quite so … well … energetic!

For you!

I would love you to post below an action you take today in recognition of Tuesday – the day of Mars! Write down one thing, or draw it!, that you will get done today and also those small Mars action steps required to achieve! And then feel accomplished as you get to tick something off that ‘to do’ list.


With love, From Alison

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