When honouring and using the Moon on a Monday there becomes an extra oomph to any work or interactions where some heart or some intuition is required.

If you have business or work to conduct, the Moon can help inspire imagination. In your conversations and connections with people the Moon can offer compassion, empathy and understanding.

imagination + empathy = inspired idea

How could this be useful for you … today.  Do you have a project to work on, a book blurb to develop, a call to make? Or you create a great recipe out of those weekend left-overs!

What ever you are doing today, where ever you are, remember the Moon energy … just as our ancestors have for many, many years!

The Moon is currently waning in light and so an overall thought for this week would be to spend time drawing in and allowing that imagination and intuition to begin new ideas.

As always, with Love from Alison

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