The Sun

That bold and majestic star in the sky is life giving as it sends us light and warmth. The amazing star presides over us as it rules our waking and sleeping hours giving us a rhythm and awareness (whether consciously or not) of the cycle of day/night. In times gone by people would go to sleep as the Sun set and get up as it rose. It made sense to use the maximum hours of daylight whilst also conserving heat and saving candles by sleeping from dusk to dawn.


Our planet of the day for Sunday is, rather obviously, the Sun (did you guess!) and so worthy of being honoured today if not every day! Very well worth our taking a few moments to think about how the Sun benefits us. Why? I hear you say when the Sun is actually always there in the sky. And isn’t that the ‘why’? The most incredible thing is that we have exactly the right conditions for our life on this planet and the Sun is the greater part of that.

Now over to you!

How will you be bold today? Will you sing your story with joy? Dance? Put pen to paper and write or draw or create? There is a branch of astrology which is Sun sign based and, here in the west, we are all used to where the Sun was when we were born. However we are so much more! Our star sign gives us our characteristics and we look at other parts of our natal, birth, charts for how we use and display them.


Use the wonderful Sun beam energy to be you!

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As always, with love, from Alison