Saturday planetary inspiration – On a Saturday we have the grounding and inspiring energy of Saturn which is no real surprise given the name! Saturn helps us to achieve and do – he is a great energy to have around when we have a goal in mind … especially if that purpose needs an eye for detail and the result to be correct. However there is much much more to Saturn as he looks after time itself.

Saturday planetary inspiration

Our ‘working’ week is no longer strictly Monday to Friday and 9-4 – I suspect many more people work other hours than those. And so for many a Saturday is a day of work or of some work. If it is a ‘day off’ it is rarely a day of rest! Clean the car, mow the lawn, shop, mop floors, watch a film, play games. Does it surprise you to see some ‘fun’ type things on Saturn’s list? Saturn likes accomplishments and they can be the simple ones of laughter and bringing people together.  Rewards through thoughtfulness and care is worth thinking about.

Our Saturday Saturn would be more than happy (Yes I have used the words “Saturn” and “happy” in the same sentence!) to help with any endeavour and at any time and we can use the energy for Saturday planetary inspiration.

For you!

For today. Use the Saturn time energy to break down a goal or action into tiny moments of action. Be conscious of that moment of action. Saturn will help it be good or even great.

With love, From Alison

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