Venus day

Friday and Venus day and Venus is the energy of love, beauty, abundance, green … Green? Yes green. Green representing fertility and new growth. Those green shoots of prosperity. Venus also holds the energy for expressing talents and also that of money.

Friday is Venus day

Is this energy of use to you? Could it be helpful to ask for Venus help with business or exploring ideas and notions?

Absolutely. Venus will absolutely love to be thanked for abundance. Venus will love … love.

For you!

Do you have a gratitude list? Or perhaps you call it a thankfulness journal. There is so much information out there and yet it is all about the same thing. Being grateful and thank full and honouring that which we have achieved, done, have, see and are able to do. Thank the stars for being there in the sky for instance. It is, after all, where we began! Are we appreciating the Sun for the life-giving qualities of heat and light enough. Your family and friends and people that you come into contact with. The sales person who packs shopping for you or offers you help and the people who look after our green spaces in whatever capacity – gardeners and town planners. Because, when we thank, the vibration of gratitude goes out into the Universe!

Friday and Venus day

Enjoy today. Remember it’s Friday and Venus day. Dance, sing or murmur words of thank full ness. Do one thing to beautify your surroundings. Water those plants or, when buying herbs for the kitchen, think about plants rather than dried! Count your pennies appreciating the wealth that surrounds you. Go outside and just spend a moment looking at nature in all of her glory … even in the rain she is beautiful!

And welcome that amazing Venus energy because you are also loved.

As always. with love, from Alison x


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