I gave a talk yesterday evening to a group of people who meet every month with curiosity and to explore a range of subjects. I was asked to talk about astrology (which I am rather passionate about!) and I accepted the invitation. And my talk was called ‘I’m not like my star sign.’

My opening words to the group were ‘I’m nervous … and I’m allowed to be. There is a part of my birth chart which would much rather be behind the scenes …’

You see I’m a 12th House Leo. The Sun was in the zodiac sign of Leo when I was born however the time and place of my birth shows my astrological chart (blue print, clock) as Virgo in my first house and Leo in the twelfth. So my character is leonine, and I do display those Leo qualities, in the subconscious or inner worlds. I look to other parts of my birth chart to see where and how I am able to stand up in front of people and speak my message.

My career history was within the corporate world and, mostly, required me to train and speak in front of group of even 200 – 300 people. Give me a subject to talk about, and one that I am passionate about, and it is done!

The Sun in the sky is the star that gives us life, warmth, light. It is always there and resonates with our core, our energy, who we are. At the moment of birth the Sun would be above the horizon (if a day birth) or below the horizon (if a night birth). Above the surface or below the surface. And that is one of the first building blocks we have to understand our own self. Our core. how we show up in the world to present our character.

There are no rights or wrongs as far as where the Sun is at any one moment. How can there be! The Sun is perfect and so are you. Unique with your own personal pattern of the stars, planets, zodiac signs for that particular special moment of your birth. 

Take a moment to talk to your Sun sign. Celebrate it. Enjoy it.

with love. x

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