Imbolc in the Wheel of the Year

Imbolc is the first festival celebrated this year and falls at the beginning of February. It is recognised as the real start of Spring and sometimes is called ‘little Spring’. The first lambs are born. Snowdrops push up out of the ground. We become aware of longer hours of daylight.

And so we look to celebrate this festival from the 1st to the 2nd of February – in between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and this makes it a ‘cross-quarter’ festival.

The chart for Imbolc February 2019 shows the Sun in Aquarius and conjunct (next to) Mercury. The Moon is in Capricorn and is a dark moon as it waits to become new again on the 4th February. Before that happens it will travel over Saturn and Pluto before arriving in Aquarius.

There are also two other interesting aspects to consider. Venus in Sagittarius is Trine to Mars in Aries plus Pluto in Capricorn is Square to that same Mars. A time to heal the planet, opportunities to make our own gardens work well, look at how we can bring efficiency into our lives. Big subject and each worthy of a separate article!

Imbolc February

For you!

But what about me??? I hear!

Our ancestors celebrated this most magical of time. The beginning of light returning and the ability to start to turn the earth over in order to plant. It may still snow and yet the earth is slowly warming and waking.

The planetary aspects indicate this is a great time to consider your own energy efficiency. Your choice of the self and inner resources, the home and garden, or wider opportunities to help the planet’s resources.

By allowing yourself the gift of celebrating Imbolc you are immersing yourself in a consciousness that has existed for thousands of years (or longer!). Light a candle for the symbolism of the light returning. Begin Spring Cleaning which was, many moons ago, a nature ritual of cleansing and preparing for brighter times ahead. Let go of anything out dated or which you no longer require. If you have been doing this since the Autumn Equinox you probably have very little left now to shed. However growth now begins in earnest and so consider what you will bring to blossom as spring progresses!

By considering inner and outer resources at this time you are flowing with the astrological energies available and rewards will follow. The Venus trine Mars aspect will be looking for an energetic balance. Pluto square to Mars will be honouring some deep awakenings. Wonder and marvel over the coming months just how much setting the scene now will enable you to truly ‘walk your talk’.

And … Most Crucial … this is a cross-quarter festival to celebrate and have fun. Dance and enjoy the light returning.

With Love, From Alison x

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