Do you watch the moon? The New Moon?

In times gone by our ancestors would be outside and honouring the New Moon. How do you feel witnessing that first sliver of gentle silver light when it appears in the sky? I have to say that it is quite awesome!

Just for now. Let’s consider what a new moon signifies – new thoughts, new intentions, new deeds. After all the moon is at its slightest at New Moon and will spend approximately 2 weeks growing (waxing). Please spend some time thinking about the amazing waxing energy.

Astronomically the New Moon appears when the Sun and Moon are together in the sky. The moon is able to begin reflecting the solar light again. Reflection.

If we garden by the moon we would plant seeds at a new moon. Gives them a really good start in life.

In days gone past the new moon would have been greeted with a sense of relief – light had returned to the sky at night!

Eastern astrology treats the Moon with the same significance that we, in the West, give to the Sun. The moon represents imagination, emotions and our inner landscape. The sign of the zodiac that it is in lends clues as to how we can use those qualities. Just remember that the new moon is always in the same zodiac sign as the current sun/star sign. For example, a new moon occurring early in the month of May would be in the sign of Taurus and that is where the Sun also is at that time.

For you!

So what thoughts or actions are new to you with the New moon? Do you have a sliver of introspection or insight that is new to you? Will you use the amazing new moon energy to inspire or to be inspired? Will you be honouring the New Moon?

As always,

With Love,

From Alison

PS – I first published this as Moon Craft on April 27th 2017 on my previous wordpress site – but it’s a goodie and worth being here!

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