Eclipse time!

The August 11th Eclipse is a spectacular event in the sky. In ancient times solar eclipses were often viewed with suspicion and seen as signs or even omens. Would the daylight return? Would the birds wake up and begin to sing again? A total solar eclipse is a rather magical occurrence with everything falling silent and dark. And then ‘dawn’ with the birds singing morning chorus. And there we have clues as to the strength and purpose surrounding a solar eclipse. New beginnings and a new dawn. New inspirations and opportunity to shine a light through darkness.

The August 11th Eclipse 2018 is partial and so only a part of the Sun is shielded from us by the Moon. However there is still a stronger mix of Sun/Moon energy than we see during an ‘ordinary’ New Moon.

August 11th Eclipse

Astrologically the chart for the time of the eclipse has Sun/Moon in Leo and making a glorious aspect to Jupiter and Neptune which, to my mind, has an emergence of inspiration for the growth of our own planet. The current awareness of plastic fits with this and we could very well begin to see extremely innovative methods of dealing with this issue which go beyond recycling.

And I’m just going to add that there are also resonances with the August 11th Eclipse to the total Solar Eclipse of August 1999. This was a long while ago I know however, for some of us, it is useful to look at where we were at that time and see whether there is an ending of a cycle with a new beginning now.

For you!

However let’s talk about ourselves! Yes, this is a Leo Solar eclipse and New Moon with both of those heavenly bodies in the zodiac sign of Leo. However the effect will be felt by all of the signs of the zodiac in very unique ways! Time to celebrate living in an amazing universe and on a very lovely planet!

Watch for the gentle nudges and messages from the Universe at this time and know that you are a part of a much bigger picture.

With Love, From Alison xx

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