Full Moon

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius which places the Sun opposite in Gemini. This is a highly significant placing and axis as it both ends a major lunar cycle and also asks questions for us to answer or even follow!

A little data! May 29th at 15:20 London (GMT) – The Moon is at 8° 10′ of Sagittarius. The Sun is at 8° 10′ of Gemini. As noted in previous articles Uranus is newly in Taurus and Chiron only at 1° 51′ of Aries.

If this Full Moon is resonating with you then events will have happened and some may well have been quite shocking – the Uranus effect within this chart.  And, of course, Chiron will be offering opportunities for some deep, ancient healing to take place.

Karmic Energy

This is a chart of Karmic energy and, if we are open to this, will show us exactly where old wounds still exist and … perhaps crucially … who wounded us.  Saturn grounds this chart, and the energies, and so the growth required will be slow and yet completely worthwhile to take the time over. If this causes an ‘ah ha’ then the prescription would be to spend time in healing stillness. To be aware of the who, what and when of wounding words and gestures. To bring the light of awareness to your energetic field. And to allow the  raising of conscious vibration that will follow.

I hope you’re still with the article as there is another resonance ticking away under the surface – a digital feel and it is beckoning towards new cyber development. On the personal level it may be launching a new website or program. We have seen internet privacy featuring over the last few weeks and the chart for this Full Moon does appear to usher in our own sense of returning security.

For you!

And also a light of inspiration is being called forward by this Moon. Use the period of lessening light now, as we move toward the next New Moon, to meditate and ponder how you are truly utilising your amazing gifts and talents to inspire yourself and others.

As Always, with love, From Alison x