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Author of  “Eight Seasons:

Walking In Rhythm With Nature”

Eight SeasonsEight Seasons: walking in rhythm with nature

Connect with nature … connect with the stars … and be beautifully yourself!

Eight Seasons: Walking in Rhythm with Nature

This book is for you.

It’s about astrology, alchemy, ancestors and enjoying our life here on Earth.

It focusses on the seasons of planting and harvesting food and the symbolism held within. And how natural it is to use the way our Planet Earth turns in creating our pathways forwards …

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Imagine for one moment that you had a road map. A map of all of your potentials and your choices, especially designed for you by the universe, for the moment of your birth, your unique arrival here on planet Earth.

You do have that map … planets all making patterns all making cycles all sending that energy down to us … and I’m here to help you navigate the beautiful possibilities the universe has in store for you!

As always, With love from Alison

Work with me

Together, using astrology, the planets and Earth energy we can find the keys to unlock unique and wonderful pathways belonging to you and for you.

My mission is to inspire you to find the real you … be the real you … and make the best choices for you!

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8 Ways to Morning Clarity

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Begin each day in the best way

Clarity =

new opportunities …

potential for success …

on YOUR terms

Every sun rise has all of the potential for a new day and so you can begin every day full of potential!

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Astrology & Tarot

Members Club


How to easily understand your birth map with different themes each month

Each month we dig into planetary energies and/or symbolism to …

  • Unlock the mysteries of earth and stars
  •  Unveil history and listen to your ancestors
  •  Explore symbolism & the rich language of the tarot
  • And, particularly, work with feminine planetary energies of transformation 


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Guest speaker

for groups

Eight Seasons


‘Being Practical with the Wheel of the Year’

Bring the planetary cycles into your daily life and feel more aligned, more grounded and in touch with your ancestral memories.

My talks uncover the practical awareness, and usefulness, of the energy of each season.

I’d love to talk to your group!

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My Blog

The significance of Mercury in Aries

The significance of Mercury in Aries

The significance of Mercury being in Aries – Mercury is a fast moving planet and, astronomically, between us and the Sun. His mythological history stretches back much further than we as mere mortals can remember however something that is held deep in our memories about Mercury is that his role is of Messenger. 

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I was in awe with all the insights I received and could move forward with clarity and a new found passion … “