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Imagine for one moment that you had a road map. A map of all of your potentials and your choices, especially designed for you by the universe, for the moment of your birth, your unique arrival here on planet Earth.

You do have that map … planets all making patterns all making cycles all sending that energy down to us … and I’m here to help you navigate the beautiful possibilities the universe has in store for you!

As always, With love from Alison

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Together, using astrology, the planets and Earth energy we can find the keys to unlock unique and wonderful pathways belonging to you and for you.

My mission is to inspire you to find the real you … be the real you … and make the best choices for you!

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 Life can feel like a challenge as we grow into our wisdom age. Freedom begins to open up during our 40s and an incredibly powerful time of inspiration at age 50 with our Chiron return. And your Saturn return is an opportunity to craft a new dimension!

There are a sea of opportunities now that you have more time on your hands … you have more freedom after all … but what to do, see, feel?

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Guest speaker for groups


‘Cycles of the Moon & how to use them!’ 

‘Being Practical with the Wheel of the Year’

Bring the planetary cycles into your daily life! My talks uncover the practical awareness, and usefulness, of the energy of each season.   <<Read more here …>>

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Balance, the Stars and Freedom

Balance, the Stars and Freedom

Balance of inner and outer.  The New Moon (21st January 2023) coincided, energetically, with the Sun moving into Aquarius and just a few days later with Uranus going direct.  All planets are now direct and this marks quite a shift in energy for us all … in different ways though. Remember we are all unique and so any energetic changes and flows will offer different opportunities and potentials for each of us. 

December – Rituals & Celebrations!

December – Rituals & Celebrations!

With coloured lights, decorations, candles, gifts and sharing food we touch on very ancient traditions for bringing abundance and growth into our lives. It may be the very depth of Winter in the Northern hemisphere but, with the Winter Solstice,

Are horoscopes useful?

Are horoscopes useful?

The thing about about Sun/Star sign horoscopes is it make us think that all Aries are the same and all Virgos are the same and all Leos (well let’s not go there!). 

Your sun sign will say a lot about the essence of you and how you show up in the world … 

Client Love

I was in awe with all the insights I received and could move forward with clarity and a new found passion … “