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AstrologyAre you curious about why you are here? Now?

What is your next step?

For you?

For your business?

Do you wonder about your potential and the ‘right path’?

To find your way home?

And what about those possibilities you had when you were born? Are you using your gifts?

Do you fit your skin?

Are you waiting to be able to call your heart-calling business ‘your very own’?

The answers are there in the stars. Waiting for you to listen. Waiting for you to be inspired.

Waiting …

Yes! I’m curious …

Thank you! I am as curious as you … about you!

If I inspire you to be as inspired, healed and curious as I am, then I shall have achieved my mission.

If I help you transform lives through your business then I am in my flow for you!

Do you want more than a 2D existence – or even 3D! I want to open doors for you to find your own Unique Self and core message.

Do past hurts & wounds impact your business and daily lives?

I believe we are here to learn and evolve. To grow. To inspire. To be prosperous.

How could you benefit from working with me?

By enjoying making great decisions aligned to your purpose.

To see where you may be holding yourself back. And then unfold your own unique map of the stars offering you solutions!

To understand those past wounds and hurt and use the inner wisdom to help you and others.

To understand your own birth chart and also that of your business – you + your business!

Yes! I want to know more 

Thank you – you see I know Astrology, The Planets and Earth Energy! And, together, we can find the keys to unlock unique and wonderful pathways belonging to you.

You will gain from my 20+ years of study and experiences.

I have seen the magic and mysteries unfold before me.

I am gentle and believe in love.

Working with me will always be a special unfolding towards your own uniqueness.

And I am a Reiki Master which supports, calms and helps to remove blocks.

Do you see and hear as if you were in a fog? Everything muffled and half seen? You get up in the morning operate mechanically, eat, watch tv, work and then sleep?

And your dreams…. Do you know what to do about your dreams? Have you been told not to dream of being bigger, better, more you? Because “dreams don’t come true”?

Work with me to find your path and then walk confidently ahead using the stars as your guide.

Yes! I want to work with Alison

Here’s how helpful the universe can be!

DF booked for an astrological consultation and initially said:
‘I am feeling lost and not sure what my next career move should be. Or even if I want a longterm career.’ And that was her ‘question’ to me that she gave alongside her birth details.

While I was preparing her chart before our first meeting, I instantly saw that there was an imbalance of energies with an emphasis on the one hand of seeking new ventures, beginning them, often succeeding (extremely well) and then instantly moving toward the next means of employment. Her chart was also that of someone who needed to be at home with the door closed, not interacting with people, for periods of time.

During our first consultation she told me: ‘I am open minded – anything that can give me direction would be good right now. I’m married (this was recent) and I want to find a role that enables me to balance my life with my husband and also work that I would enjoy.

So we looked at her chart together and worked out how a balance could be created between the one part of her career that she absolutely loved (managing events) and home life.

Over the 3 sessions that we met DF was able to piece together several decisions that she had made over the previous years which had gradually altered her direction away from following her heart. She had become used to making decisions based on financial reward.

Her chart indicated a strong desire for financial reward for the value of what she to offer (brilliant) however she had gone very much down that route thus ‘losing’ her purpose. DF loved to travel and experience different cultures and also to dance barefoot at festivals!

DF is now a self employed event co-ordinator with hours fitting around her expanding family and had the following feedback to offer:

DF – ‘I am unbelievably happy. You didn’t know me and yet looked at my birth chart and really saw the real me. I felt like I wasn’t alone. I believe that whatever happens is meant to and this reinforced that the universe has plans and that I have choices! And I now know that I can hear the best plans for me!

Thank you.’

Me: Wonderful lady and I was honoured to have played a small part in her journey on this planet.

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What is an astrology chart reading?

Astrology chart readings offer choices. Nothing is fated or destined. We have free choice and free will at all times. What is truly amazing about this universe in which we live is that we are offered extra energies to make use of if we wish.

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