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Imagine for one moment that you had a road map. A map of all of your potentials and your choices, especially designed for you by the universe, for the moment of your birth, your unique arrival here on planet Earth.

You do have that map … planets all making patterns all making cycles all sending that energy down to us … and I’m here to help you navigate the beautiful possibilities the universe has in store for you!

As always, With love from Alison

Work with me

Together, using astrology, the planets and Earth energy we can find the keys to unlock unique and wonderful pathways belonging to you and for you.

My mission is to inspire you to find your own creative flow.

About me

Personal Consultations

 Life can feel like a challenge as we grow into our wisdom age. Freedom begins to open up during our 40s and an incredibly powerful time of inspiration at age 50.

There are a sea of opportunities now that you have more time on your hands … you have more freedom after all … but what to do, see, feel?  

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Business Consultations

Shall we see just how useful the Universe is to help you move forward, ensure that your business reflects the real you and/or plan the best dates possible for your next launch?

A Business Consultation is a deep dive into your business and consists of a package of 2 sessions:

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Guest speaker for groups


‘Follow the Star’ – a talk for aligned decisions

Bring the planetary cycles into your planning. This talk uncovers the practical awareness, and usefulness, of the energy of each season.   <<Read more here …>>


Give Your Life a Cosmic Edge

What if you had available a natural calendar that would help you to ground your inspiration and imagination and feed it directly into your business or life?

When you align yourself with the rhythm of the moon cycle so you find other areas of your life align too!

And then imagine the possibilities if you could capture those amazing insights and actually use them daily?

In this short workbook I have collected my knowledge and experience to give you just the tools you need to begin to work with the cycle of the Moon.

From New Moon through to Full there are guided inspirations for you, taking only a few minutes, to uncover your connection with your own natural rhythm.

Your download will also subscribe you to my mailing list with regular star based hints and tips to make full use of the Planetary energies! You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

My Blog

Festival of Lammas – What is it?

Festival of Lammas – What is it?

Ancestral memories are buried deep inside every one of us and, by raising them up into our awareness, so we are connected to the whole in a very real way. We see time moving on, but not in minutes and hours and days necessarily, more in the cycle of life and death and rebirth.

Life, a spiral of life.

The Festival of Lammas …

Cycles & Rhythms in Astrology

Cycles & Rhythms in Astrology

Whilst we know that our ancestors watched the seasons, the cycles & rhythms, of the year with the knowledge that the basic building blocks of life itself depended on the elements brought in at every turning point – this information is useful for us too!

Is this the Age of Aquarius?

Is this the Age of Aquarius?

Astronomers as far back in time as Ancient Egypt recorded that our planet Earth’s movement, in relation to the constellations, had a great cosmic cycle of around 26,000 years. We cannot say the exact time that we will enter The Age of Aquarius, however it is safe to say that it will be during the 21st century and we are most likely already there.

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I was in awe with all the insights I received and could move forward with clarity and a new found passion … “

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