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Imagine for one moment that you had a road map. A map of all of your potentials and your choices, especially designed for you by the universe, for the moment of your birth, your unique arrival here on planet Earth.

You do have that map … planets all making patterns all making cycles all sending that energy down to us … and I’m here to help you navigate the beautiful possibilities the universe has in store for you!

As always, With love from Alison

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Together, using astrology, the planets and Earth energy we can find the keys to unlock unique and wonderful pathways belonging to you and for you.

My mission is to inspire you to find your own creative flow.

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Personal Consultations

 Life can feel like a challenge as we grow into our wisdom age. Freedom begins to open up during our 40s and an incredibly powerful time of inspiration at age 50.

There are a sea of opportunities now that you have more time on your hands … you have more freedom after all … but what to do, see, feel?  

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Guest speaker for groups


‘Follow the Star’ – a talk for aligned decisions

Bring the planetary cycles into your planning. This talk uncovers the practical awareness, and usefulness, of the energy of each season.   <<Read more here …>>

My Blog

Why Astrology & Why me!

Why Astrology & Why me!

If you are new to my world you may be wondering the ‘Why Astrology & Why Alison’ question and so I’d like to take the opportunity to begin to introduce myself and let you know how I happened to be offering astrology to you in the various ways that I do!  

Myths around particular dates

Myths around particular dates

There are myths being created about certain dates in our calendars with interesting reasons and outcomes! 

Recently the date 02/02/2022 received a lot of attention as being: a portal; numerological; an energetic date and so on. And 22/02/2022 will, no doubt, be treated in a similar way. 

If Astrology works why change it?

If Astrology works why change it?

Consider that the Moon, our moon no less, affects gravity and the tides. High and low tides are caused by the Moon. Our bodies are approximately 50% water. It isn’t a great leap of logic to join the dots that the phases of the Moon affect us too. And then maybe and perhaps other planets do?! 

Client Love

I was in awe with all the insights I received and could move forward with clarity and a new found passion … “